Note: February 1, 2018

** Copy of email sent out today ** Folks, I know I sent this to some of you, but I am uncertain whether I sent it to all. In any case, here is the direct link to my website in progress:

The site has most of the handouts and other resources students need. I will be improving and expanding the site as I have spare time (I have precious little of that it seems). If you have any trouble finding anything on it, feel free to call or email me.

I will continue to provide many paper handouts in class, so that folks without a printer at home do not have the hassle of getting hard copies made. But if your student misses class, or loses a document, the site should be handy. Also, I will provide links to helpful resources, such as how to do MLA manuscript format, on the site. In addition, I may provide links to short instructional videos, readings, and the like.

OK. All for now.

As always, thank you for entrusting some share of your child’s literature and composition education to me.

In Christ,

Mr. Beurskens

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